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Change Management


The Only Constant Is Change​

Manage change as if your future depends on it.
The future appears to be one of economic unpredictability, global instability, technology advances, and intense competition. Today's organizations must be able to respond quickly to rapid changes in markets, competitors, and economic situations.  Many boards have appointed CEO's and other senior leaders with the explicit mandate to navigate their organizations through change. This means that change is not only to be expected, it cannot be avoided.    
Managing change today is not optional.
Managing change is a requirement if an organization is to continue to thrive. Leaders must actively lead change efforts to align the organization and to bring about real change. It requires leaders to have a mindset of transformation and to communicate a compelling vision. Effective change management also requires executing a change plan that engages Associates, reduces resistance, and results in buy-in and commitment. Only when an organization manages change successfully can it develop the agility and flexibility to thrive in today's complex and dynamic environments.
Unfortunately, change initiatives are not always successful.
The data regarding the success of change programs is not encouraging:
  •   According to McKinsey, approximately 70% of all change initiatives do not achieve their objectives, primarily due to employee resistance and lack of management alignment. [1]
  • Other research indicates change initiatives fail anywhere from 50% - 60% of the time. 
No matter which research you choose to believe, common wisdom suggests that change management initiatives are successful less than half the time.  If managing change is no longer a luxury for most organizations, it's not a good sign that organizations are not having as much success as needed.

Successful Change Management 

Excellent change management programs outperform.
While data indicate that most organizations are not successful in executing their change initiatives, there is other data that suggest that if an organization can create and implement an effective change management program, the results are dramatic. A study by Google showed that organizations with excellent change management programs out performed those with none/poor change management programs by 30 percentage points.​ [2]

How We Help

What is your change management challenge?
We help clients who are facing large-scale change in the following major categories:
  • Large-scale business transformation, reorganization, and restructuring        
  • ERP and other major software implementations
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and integration
We work closely with you to ensure your success.
  • We guide Senior Leadership involvement to provide direction and accountability
  • We create the Change Plan and, as needed, the project management expertise to ensure smooth execution
  • We develop the critical communications that engages Associates​
  • We ensure Associates involvement to enhance participation and reduce resistance​
  • We ensure flawless change execution and beyond to solidify and cement its sustainability​
  • We provide training,coaching and overall guidance to build your internal capability​
​ We utilize proven methodology to ensure transformative change. 
  • We follow our Holistic Methodology, incorporating a framework  based on Prosci / ADKAR and Kotter models
  • This approach has proven to be applicable in a variety of industries
  • It resonates with senior leaders, focuses on transformation, and ensures Associate commitment

Planning a large change but not sure where to start?  Give us a call and we can figure it out with you.


[1]  Rangel, B.  "The Leader's Guide to Effective Management."  Referred from Hubspot  

[2]  Google Change Management Study

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A case can be made that the more effective an organization's change management program is, the more effective the change initiative will be.  We understand that successful change management does not come easily, and it does not come with without an effective methodology.  We know how to successfully execute change and we can help your organization to execute its change initiatives successfully as well. 
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"I want to thank you for the great work you did in helping us to manage all the difficult people issues associated with shutting down a plant.  Because of the support you provided the whole shutdown went very smoothly with no HR issues."
VP, Supply Chain -- consumer packaged


"Your consultants were very successful in getting our Senior Team involved in the project.  Their direct involvement and leadership made a big difference. The project management support kept the project on track.."
CFO, international mining corporation