We provide Executive Coaching services to assist executives in building their capability, high performers to reach their full potential, and transitioning leaders and their teams to quickly come up to speed. In our experience, in order for coaching to be effective, coaching participants have to “own” the responsibility for their own development.  Personal growth and change begin with self-awareness, so we use a variety of psychometric assessment tools to help build a strong foundation of self-understanding.  Our coaching approach is a challenging one,  and we encourage participants to fully immerse themselves in the coaching process, to own their goals and to weekly assess their own progress, and to  routinely engage with the coach in candid conversations.  We provide our clients with a feedback instrument designed to determine whether the goals of the coaching were met.  In short, our Coaching practice is based on client-ownership, accountability and mutual commitment to success.  

We tailor our coaching engagements around each individual's unique needs -- helping leaders to gain more personal insight, understand their growth opportunities, and map a path towards realizing their full potential.  This might include refining executive presence, leveraging emotional intelligence, or honing communications skills. The result is accelerated performance, increased influence and impact, and a demonstrated ability to inspire.


Our Coaches and Consultants have held line management positions themselves. Many have served at the C-level and some have served at the CEO level in organizations. They can quickly establish rapport and trust because they have walked in the shoes of the leaders that they coach. They speak their language and understand their objectives and concerns. They are also accomplished, capable, and certified coaches with advanced degrees and deep expertise in the use of psychometric assessment instruments.  For over ten years, they have been coaching managers and executives of Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and government entities.



We offer coaching services to meet the needs of your leaders, be they seasoned executives, high-potential emerging leaders, or leaders who are transitioning into new team responsibility.  

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360-degree Feedback and  Coaching 

New Leader and Team Assimilation

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Executive Assessment and Coaching

Executive Assessment and Coaching

Executive Leadership Coaching provides senior level  executives and high-performing emerging leaders with intense 1-1 coaching to enable participants to reach their full potential. 

360-degree Feedback Coaching

Feedback from a variety of sources has long been seen as a valuable development tool when used in the right hands and for the right purpose.  

New Leader and Team Assimilation

Taking over a new team  is a critical time for a  leader and the team.  It is important that both the team and  leader to "come up to speed" with each other and with the business rapidly.  


Executive Coaching

Executive Leadership Coaching provides senior level clients with a six-month, retainer-based coaching program that is tailored to their specific needs. This coaching is most appropriate for high potentials, senior management, and C-suite executives. In the initial phase of the engagement, a highly experienced ChangePraxis Master Coach will work with the participant to review psychometric assessment and feedback data, to identify the areas of strength and the most critical areas for development.  Over the duration of the engagement, the Master Coach will help the participant to identify concrete changes in behavior that need to be made, practical actions that need to be taken.  Jointly they will evaluate the progress against those tasks in order for the participant to make the personal changes necessary to achieve those development goals. At the end of the engagement, the Coach will conduct a Progress Report assessment to gauge progress against the development goals.

Some of the reasons that our clients choose coaching include:

  • Master time management, manage stress and improve daily effectiveness

  • Develop greater competency in leadership and different styles of leading

  • Develop greater executive presence

  • Manage conflict and difficult interpersonal dynamics

  • Improve emotional intelligence

  • Manage and coach direct reports

  • Align skills and strengths with job performance


Feedback from a variety of sources has long been seen as a valuable development tool when used in the right hands and for the right purpose.  We believe that 360 feedback can be highly useful in helping motivated associates to leverage their strengths and to correct behavior that is seen as ineffective or detrimental to their performance.  We utilize a very powerful and proprietary  online 360 instrument to provide highly meaningful and actionable feedback to the participant.  Our consulting involves administering the instrument, interpretation of the results, and individual sessions of 2-3 hours each to review the feedback results and to plan appropriate actions.  We believe that effective follow-up is so necessary to ensure that the participant has made measurable progress that we include administering of targeted Progress Assessment at the six-month point. to evaluate progress.  

 360-degree Feedback Coaching


New Leader & Team Assimilation

  Taking over a new team  is a critical time for a  leader and the team and it is important that both the  team and  leader to "come up to speed" with each other and with the business rapidly.  We utilize a proven, structured process to enable the new leader and the team to "get to know each other", for the leader to communicate goals, objectives, and preferred ways of working.  It also enables the team to ask the new leader how he or she prefers to communicate and interact with the team.  We interview  the leader to understand his/her management style, communication preferences, and his/her goals and objectives in the new role.  We also interview team members to understand their most  pressing business issues,  areas in which they need assistance and support, their goals and objectives,  and things they would like to hear from their new leader. Our Executive Coach  plans and facilitates a  work session with the new leader and the team, designed to communicate all the  needed information, to  surface any issues held  by either the team or the  leader, and to plan how  to deal with  those issues.  The New Leader and Team Assimilation session greatly accelerates the  ability of  the team and  the new leader to rapidly perform.