Facilitation and Event Planning 

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Make the Most of Your Time Together

Leverage your strategic offsites to drive alignment and performance.
Your strategic meetings meetings with your people are significant investments.  They offer incredible opportunities to move your organization ahead.  
They help build the mind-sets and habits that team members need to first observe then to regulate their behavior when back in the office. [1]
Your offsites are too valuable to leave to chance.
No matter what the reason for the offsite, it offers the valuable opportunity for the team to get together.
  • Provides the opportunity to reinforce the culture of the organization
  • Builds important relationships
  • Surfaces "hidden" issues and get them on the table for discussion
  • Aligns the members of the organization

​​Benefits of Professional Facilitation 

Why should you consider having a professional facilitator?
The time that you have to bring your people together is a valuable commodity.  A professional facilitator can help you: 
  • Free the leader to fully participate
  • Focus your meeting on clear objectives
  • Create a compelling session that excites and engages your people
  • Ensure that the goals and purpose of the meeting are met
Outcomes of Professional Facilitation:
Professional facilitation results in important outcomes, both tangible and intangible. Both are important in building your organization's culture and focusing on achieving results. 
  • Meeting focused on concrete objectives
  • Meeting objectives that are achieved
  • Actionable next steps
  • Everyone is on the same page
  • Increased trust
  • Improved communications
  • Greater alignment
  • Fostering of sense of "ownership"
  • Increased engagement
  • Greater understanding of issues and each other
  • Improved teamwork

How We Help

Professional Facilitation maximizes your investment and efforts.
We work with key leaders of the organization before, during, and following the meeting to ensure that the meeting objectives are met.  
  • We design your session to deliver results
  • We facilitate the session, freeing leaders to fully participate
  • We ensure full participation of attendees 
  • We make sure the meeting stays on track
  • We guide the group through effective problem-solving and decision-making
  • We provide an unbiased viewpoint  
Upfront planning is the key to success.
Our years of experience facilitating offsites and strategic retreats across the globe have taught us that the most reliable predictor of success is our ability to sit with your leaders and plan the purpose and objectives of the offsite.  Getting very clear about the expected outcomes of the session is the first step in the planning process.  It informs the content of the agenda, the design of the session, and defines the venue that is needed.  Our Holistic approach enables us to work with your leaders to fully understand the current situation and to clearly define the purpose and objectives of the session.
Why adding Event Planning for the off-site might be of value.
ChangePraxis offers professional Event Planning in conjunction with its Facilitation services. Professional event planning can optimize your investment and time. We provide: 
  • Research of local venue as to relevance to size, distance, and miscellaneous off-site requirements
Once the venue is selected, we work closely with your admin team but free them up in terms of the coordination of the meeting logistics
  • We manage all the logistical details for lay-out, seating and audio-visuals
  • We manage the food selection and meal schedules pertaining to the conduct of the sessions
  • We prepare meeting related communications to participants for your admin team to send out
Our professional facilitators make the difference.
Our facilitators are all experienced consultants, who have decades of experience in working with leaders to define the purpose and objectives of the session, and in working groups to accomplish a given objective.  They are skilled in creating compelling, engaging offsites that accomplish the expected outcomes​.  A summary of our Facilitation and Event Planning services is below.
Want to make the most of your offsites and retreats?  We can help.
[1]  Keller, s. and Meaney, M.  "Leading Organization: Ten Timeless Truths," (New York, NY:) Bloomsbury, 2017. 
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"Offsites are really important to us.  Having a professional facilitator has made ours much more engaging and effective."  
EVP Manufacturing, pharmaceuticals
"We used ChangePraxis'  to plan and facilitate our Regional Sales Meeting.  Not only did we hold the meeting at a terrific location, by utilizing those service we were able to substantially save on meeting  costs.  Having them facilitate the session kept us on track and helped the group to stay engaged.  It was a very successful offsite.
VP Sales, food manufacturing