High Performing Teams

High Performing teams outperform
High performing, team-based organizations have been proven over the years to outperform traditional, supervisor driven organizations.  Creating an organization based on High Performing teams is a significant undertaking.  It requires strong leadership and a commitment to making changes in structure, training, staffing, and processes.  While it is not an initiate to be entered into lightly, the rewards of such cultures has proven to be substantial.  We have two decades of experience in over 50 plants in creating High Performing team organizations and we can help you to do the same.  
How are High Performing team organizations different?
  • Team members take responsibility and ownership for safety, quality, productivity, and cost
  • Team leaders provide coaching and guidance rather than provide supervision
  • Require fewer people to deliver higher results
  • Integrate maintenance and quality into operating teams
  • Team members are highly engaged
  • Team members have high level of technical and interpersonal skills
  • Take responsibility for managing their own results
High Performing team cultures consistently deliver inspired results
  • Team members take responsibility for their own results
  • High team member involvement results in better safety, quality, cost performance
  • High levels of associate engagement results in reduced absenteeism and fewer HR issues
  • Reduced management costs because team members have high ownership
  • Consistently operate with lower costs and higher productivity
  •  Provide deep expertise and experience in implementing principles of the Toyota Production System (TPS), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), and Integrated Work Systems (IWS)
  • Provide and execute a proven approach for creating High Performing teams
  • Help design the optimal management routines and systems for your operation  
  • Help leaders to implement these new daily, weekly, and monthly management and team routines
  • Help you implement a proven approach for creating high performance teams
  • Help you to diagnose and improve the performance  of under-performing teams
"The consulting we received when we made the decision to implement a high performing team organization was truly outstanding.  We created teams in our mining operation, successfully integrating Maintenance and Quality functions into the operating team. We are very pleased with the performance of our teams.  
VP Mining Operations -- mining
High Performing Teams Can Be Created 
In Any Industry and Any Function 
High performing teams are not unique to any specific industry.  At ChangePraxis Consulting, we have experience in designing and implementing high performing team-based organizations across a wide variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotech, automobile, energy, financial services, mining, and transportation. 
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