Fact Sheet:  Plant and Facility Start-up

"Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast..."
                                                                                             Peter Drucker
"You only have ONE CHANCE to get this right..."                                                                                     EVP Manufacturing 
Create the right culture from the start!.
It's a big investment!
The investment in plant, equipment, and people is among the largest investments your business will likely ever make.  It is vital that this significant investment is protected.  In our experience, a business has one chance to get this right:
  • One chance to hire the right people
  • One chance to install the right world-class manufacturing processes
  • One chance to establish the culture that you need in order to deliver the required results 
Create a culture of High Performance.
  • Culture is important -- organizations with high involvement cultures outperform traditional supervisor-driven ones 
  • The start-up of a facility is the ideal time to begin to create the culture that you want
  • Define the culture that you need
  • Design and implement the systems and processes that will support that culture
We know how to do this, we have done it for over a dozen organizations, and we can help you to do it!
  • We have decades of experience in designing and starting-up plants and facilities in the US, Latin America, and South America
There are 3 critical keys to creating a high involvement culture:
Hire the right people from the start
  • The first people you hire will define and establish your culture -- you have one chance to get it right
Install state-of-the-art operating systems
  • The benefits of Lean and TPM have been proven to deliver high performing results -- they are far too important to ignore
Create team-based organization structure and systems
  • High-performing teams require the right design in order to thrive

How We Help

Hire the right people to reduce turnover and increase engagement.
  • Manufacturing hiring presents unique challenges
  • We help to identify skilled, safety-minded and  productive candidates
  • We help you to determine the skills and competencies you need and the types of associates you want to hire.
  • We work with your HR team to create an effective pre-employment screening process and interview guides
  • We provide interviewer training to managers.  
  • The first associates to be hired will define the culture for years to come -- we can help you get this right.
Create state-of-the-art operating systems to maximize ability to perform.
  • We help you to design and create systems that will guide the teams in the delivery of their results
  • We help you implement the types of operating systems that you will need to meet your goals.  
  • We help you determine optimal elements of Lean, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Toyota Production System,  (TPS) and Integrated Work Systems (IWS) for your organization  is well-proven and chronicled.
  • We help you to integrate elements of Visual Management, Daily Management Routines, Daily Direction-setting routines    
Create high-involvement team-based organization structure and systems.
  • To create a team-based organization structure, we bring decades of team-based organization design expertise to help you determine the optimal team structure to ensure that your organization can support a high involvement culture.
  • We train leaders and team members to build their skills to operate in teams
  • We design an implementation plan
  • We partner with you to execute the implementation plan
  • We provide periodic facilitated update sessions to monitor progress
"When I was Chief Supply Chain officer at the largest vitamin company in the US, we made the decision to start-up the company's first gummie vitamin plant and to start it up as a high performing team plant.  Bob led the entire people-related part of that highly successful start-up:  He oversaw the hiring of the people, the design of the org structure, and creation of the teams.  He designed and delivered the high performance team implementation which resulted in the best start-up in our company's history.  All safety, quality, cost, and service goals were exceeded.  Bob is a true expert on plant start-ups and in implementing high performance teams."
Chief Supply Chain Officer -- nutraceuticals