Fact Sheet:  Senior Team Alignment

"Effective organizations today are built around high performing teams..."
"Today's C-suite executives must be teams leading teams." 
Deloitte Human Capital Study 2016
How Does Your Executive Team Operate?
 It's no secret:
  • Senior Executive Teams composed of talented executives play a key role in an organization's success 
  • To be successful these teams must execute objectives that are shared across functions
  • They must achieve goals that require teamwork, cooperation, and collaboration. 
Unfortunately, in our experience:    
  • Many senior teams are aligned towards management of individual functional objectives
  • They not have processes and systems necessary to work as a team to deliver overall business objectives
  • They do not have clear roles and responsibilities so there can be confusion about "who owns what" and "who owns what decision"
 A Senior Team needs to work differently to execute cross-functionally
  • It needs to increasingly be able to work cross-functionally
  • It needs to operate with different management routines and systems. 
  • It needs to have roles and responsibilities that are crystal clear
  • It needs to work effectively as a team of talented executives aligned to a common purpose 

How We Help

Leverage the talent of your Senior Team!
We help the CEO and Senior Team to work more effectively cross-functionally to deliver overall business results.  We help them to do that by working differently. Our consultants are experienced in partnering closely with C-suite executives to help them implement the systems and processes necessary for them to work effectively as an Executive Team  We have an approach that has proven track record of success.
Create accountability for overall objectives.
  • We help to align team members to the organization's overall objectives and ensure that common goals are "owned" by team members
Implement new cross-functional processes and routines.
  • We help the CEO and Senior Team to set-up and execute new management routines to focus the entire team on common objectives
Establish clear roles and responsibilities.
  • We help the team to get very clear about exactly who has responsibility for key deliverables and who owns what decisions
Create more effective interactions.
  • We work with the team to increase team members' self-awareness and to improve working relationships
"I thought that the work you did this week with my team was excellent... Clarifying roles and responsibilities was valuable, as was the time we spent discussing the team assessment you conducted.  I'm confident that the new meeting cadence that we agreed to will be a big help."
CEO -- consumer package goods
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