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High Performing Teams

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High Performing Teams Outperform

The value of a high-performing team has long been recognized. High performing, team-based organizations have been proven over the years to outperform traditional, supervisor driven organizations.  
A "High Performing team" refers to a group of goal-focused individuals with specialized expertise and complementary skills who collaborate, innovate and produce consistently superior results. The group pursues performance excellence through shared goals, shared leadership, collaboration, open communication, clear role expectations and group operating rules, early conflict resolution, and a strong sense of accountability and trust among its members.
High Performing culture, then, is the sum total of systems, processes, history, tradition, artifacts, and stories that support and facilitate the growth  of high performance teams. 
Characteristics of High Performing Teams 
Teams are composed of a small group of Associates with the skills and knowledge they need in order for the team to effectively control those areas under their responsibility
  • Team members are highly engaged and "own" the responsibility for achieving the team's results
  • Teams take responsibility for problem-solving and are highly flexible and responsive  to changing demands
  • Teams have a level of autonomy and governance consistent with the organization design, and operate with a minimum of supervision
  • The culture is designed, and evolves, to support the high performing teams, with systems, processes, communications, and leadership that facilitate the growth of high performing teams
High Performing Teams are Different Than Traditional Teams
​Moving to High Performing teams can be challenging. 
Just because a group of people happen to work together, or happen to call themselves a team -- they are not necessarily a team, do not necessarily perform as a team, and do not necessarily deliver great results.
  • Creating an organizational climate to foster High Performing teams requires strong leadership and a commitment to making changes in structure, training, staffing, and processes
  • While it is a significant undertaking--the rewards of such team transformations have proven to be significant

Benefits of High Performing Teams

High Performing team-based cultures can deliver inspired results.
High performing team-based cultures:
  • Require fewer people to deliver higher results
  • Reduce management costs because team members have high ownership and manage their own results
  • Deliver measurable improvement in critical KPI's such as Safety, Quality, Service, Productivity, and Cost
  • Consistently exhibit greater innovation
  • Integrate operational functions and quality standards into operating, project or service teams
  • Significantly create higher levels of Associate involvement in problem solving activities
  • Result in higher levels of Associate engagement
  • Consistently operate with reduced absenteeism, fewer HR issues, higher retention
  • Demonstrate a high level of flexibility and capability to respond to changing situations

​How We Help

We help organizations design and implement High Performing teams. 
 We have designed and implemented high performing team-based organizations across a wide variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotech, automobile, energy, financial services, mining, and transportation.  We help:
  • Set a clear direction for the team-based culture
  • Create the organization design for teams, team leadership, and support groups
  • Align on how teams are to operate -- degrees of autonomy, governance, and decision-making 
  • Create the charters for operating and support teams
  • Enable leaders and team members to work effectively as a team
  • Provide ongoing monitoring and coaching of leaders and teams as needed
We approach the challenge of creating high performing team cultures from a Holistic perspective.  We  couple a proven process with years of extensive experience and deep  expertise to ensure the transformation is well-designed and effectively implemented. 

Want to accelerate the transformation to High Performance?  We can help.

[1] Kotter, J and Heskett, J. Corporate Culture and Performance

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"ChangePraxis consultants are experts on all aspects of team design and implementation.  I highly recommend them to anyone looking to implement team-based work systems in their organization". 
EVP Manufacturing -- consumer packaged goods


"Implementing High Performing teams in our organization has been a good decision.  ChangePraxis has folks who really knew what they were doing, and our results prove it." 

General Manager, automotive joint venture

Organizations which have implemented and sustained high performing team cultures have seen impressive results.  An eleven year study of 30 corporations, 12 with High Performing cultures and 20 without,  showed the dramatic impact that High Performing cultures have on performance growth indices. [1]