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Leaders Are At the Heart of Your Organization​

They are at the center of virtually everything that happens in your organization. They have incredible responsibility and influence on how your organization performs because they are interacting with those who are actually doing the work of your organization -- developing your products and services, making and manufacturing them, selling them, delivering them, and interacting with your customers and clients. 

Your leaders have a large impact on your people
  • When asked what negatively impacts their performance most, poor leadership was the most often mentioned cause -- 32% [1]  
  • It's probably not surprising that 80% of professionals believe that poor leadership decreases trust and openness [2] 
  • Leadership is a main concern at many companies.  92% of companies surveyed cited leadership as a "major problem."  60% of those described the problem as "urgent." [3]     

Why Is Leadership Development Important?

Delivering superior results
You need leaders who are effective in leading individuals and teams, who can clearly articulate and support the organizations's goals and objectives, who can communicate effectively with others, who are self-aware, who can deal with people, who can.... well, it is a long list. Simply put, organizations that make the development of their leaders a part of their strategy have higher success rates with their transformation efforts than those that do not: [4}  
  • Belief in senior leadership is the strongest engagement driver, with growth and development as the second. [5]
  • Highly engaged organizations result in 21% greater profitability. [6]
  • Investments in leadership improve execution, increase employee engagement, and increase productivity with less waste [7]
Attracting and retaining talent   
  • Employee retention is 20 times better at companies that focus on leadership development
  • A lack of investment in staff is the main reason that 91% of employees start looking for employment elsewhere [8]
Improving organization culture
  • When a company can maintain alignment at the top, strong company culture is developed. Employees are more engaged, and customers become more connected to the brand’s vision, mission, and values
Increasing levels of customer and client retention 
  • Leadership’s ability to motivate, mentor and inspire has a significant impact on the service provided by customer-facing teams, and the level of perceived value
  • Leaders show their teams by example how to act, respond, and communicate with customers, which drives customer loyalty
  • Leadership development programs focused on customer feedback  improves customer retention, making a big impact on profitability [9]
Improving agility and ability to adapt to change
  • 86% of companies with leadership development programs in place report they are better able to rapidly respond to change, compared with 52% of companies with less mature leadership programs [10]

How We Help​

We help you to build leadership capability in this critical group.
We develop tailored leadership development programs to build the capability of leaders in your most important competencies.  We work with you to assess the needs, to design appropriate assessments and course content, and to deliver it if desired.  
We provide a robust portfolio of Leadership Development programs and services. 
Recognizing that every organization is unique, we tailor the specific content, delivery methodology, and use of assessments to each individual client.  Among the services we offer include:
Our programs create self-awareness and personal insight.
  • We use a variety of assessment instruments to increase the self-awareness of                          participants
  • We can incorporate these assessments into coaching support if so desired
We create custom experiential content to build real competence.
  • We tailor it to reinforce your organization's culture and values and aligned with your vision and mission
  • We can incorporate/integrate elements of program with your current leadership development initiatives and training offerings
  • We do not rely on "off-the-shelf" training programs -- we create custom content tailored to your organization
  • Our course content is highly experiential
  • We work closely with your team on the instructional design-- to develop content, gain approval, pilot the course, make modifications, and finalize content
We deliver engaging and valuable content.
  • We can provide highly experienced instructors to lead the courses
  • If you prefer, we can train your in-house training staff to deliver the courses
We measure the effectiveness.
  • Continually evaluate throughout the program how participants are progressing
  • We evaluate how participants are applying the knowledge they have learned
  • We reassess with you at appropriate points and make adjustments to the program as needed

Methodology and Offerings

While Leadership Development is critical, not all L&D programs are created equally.
  • Organizations that view L&D as critical to business success are continuing to deliver top performance compared with their peers, on crucial metrics such as revenue growth, market position, and future growth
  • However, Harvard Business Review survey responses from line-of-business leaders suggest that many L&D initiatives are falling short in their ability to exert a measurable impact on business performance [10]
Our programs put the learner at the center to make sure they deliver results.
​We believe that to be effective, adult learning must be relevant, engaging, and ultimately owned by the learner.  Our programs are characterized by deepening of personal awareness by self-assessment and gaining of skills by experiential learning.  We partner with you  to develop your programs from concept to delivery and evaluation.
  • Thorough needs analysis to determine specific development needs
  • Partnering with client on program objectives, desired outcomes, content design, and delivery methodology
  • Creation of highly experiential leadership development curriculua
  • Train-the-trainer services if desired
  • Delivery of program content
  • Evaluation of program effectiveness
We offer a wide array of solutions to build leadership competencies. 
Want to accelerate the performance of your leaders?  We can help.
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"The Leadership Development training you provided to our management team was very well received.  The facilitators were very professional, and our team especially enjoyed the "action learning."   We are looking forward to the next course in the Management Development program.

CHRO, consumer packaged goods

"We used ChangePraxis to develop and deliver a Leadership Development program for our Director-level population.  They worked with us to understand our leadership competencies, and developed a program that was very practical and very applicable to their roles. Feedback from our participants has been very positive, and they have found the skills to be very useful.  

SVP Talent Management, food and beverage