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​Create The Right Culture At The Start  

Your new facility is a big investment!
The investment in facilities, equipment, and people is among the largest investment an organization will likely ever make.  It is vital that such a significant investment be protected. 
Critical to the future success of your facility is the culture that develops.  A culture that is oriented towards delivering results with engaged and involved Associates does not happen by accident -- it must be intentionally created each day.  It emerges from the careful melding of all the elements of a deliberate architecture: .
  • The right structures
  • The right processes 
  • The right systems 
  • The right people
Your organization has one chance to build the foundation for the culture that you want and to deliver the results that you need -- and that one chance is when you start-up the new facility.
Creating the right culture from the start is key.
Culture is so important.  Culture ultimately defines what the organization becomes, the values it will hold, and the way it will perform.  Once a culture is established, changing it is very difficult. An organization has one chance to hire the right people, one chance to establish the right organization design, and one chance to create the right systems and processes which will provide the foundation for the culture that is desired.

How We Help

We know how to start-up facilities that deliver superior results and protect your investment  while creating the culture that is desired.   We are experts in start-ups, having led the organizational start-ups of over a dozen organizations in the US, Latin America, and South America.  Specifically, we help organizations to::
1.  Envision your desired culture
The first step in creating your desired culture is to very carefully define it, describe it, and envision it.  We work with you to design the kind of culture that you want to create, including the Values/Mission/Vision of the organization, the level of autonomy for Associates, the level of engagement you need, the kind of leadership you want, the capabilities that you need, and the kind of performance you want.   
​2.  Design the right organization structure to deliver results and support your culture  
​We are skilled in the field of organization design:
  • We help you to design the optimal organization structure and systems you need to deliver superior results
  • We also help you to design an organization that will foster and support the desired culture 
3.  Hire the right people to reduce turnover and to increase engagement.
Perhaps ultimately the most important predictor of the kind of culture you will have is the kind of people that you hire.  The Start-Up of your facility is your one chance to hire the right people
  • We help define skills and competencies needed 
  • We help to identify skilled and productive candidates who fit desired profiles
  • We assist HR with pre-employment screening process and interview protocols
  • We provide interviewer training to managers to ensure successful hiring
  • We help you to hire the kind of people you will need to support your desired culture
4.  Install state-of-the-art systems to drive performance and sustain desired culture.
  • We are skilled in designing custom systems, and institutionalizing these so as to foster the desired culture​
  • We guide you to install appropriate elements of systems that drive high performance, such as Lean, TPM (Total Productive Maintnance) and TPS (Toyota Production System) which are well known and proven effective

Planning on a start-up and not sure how to create the right culture?  Give us a call - we can help.

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"When I was Chief Supply Chain Officer ...we made the decision to start-up the company's first green-field plant and to start it up as a high performing team plant.  Bob led the entire people-related part of that highly successful start-up:  He oversaw the hiring of the people, the design of the org structure, and creation of the teams.  He designed and delivered the high performance team implementation which resulted in the best start-up in our company's history.  All safety, quality, cost, and service goals were exceeded.  Bob is a true expert on plant start-ups and in implementing high performance teams."
Chief Supply Chain Officer -- consumer package goods









"I highly recommend the Start-up services of ChangePraxis to anyone who is planning on starting-up a new facility.  They are professional, knowledgeable, and are genuine experts in facility start-ups. They worked with us from organization design, to hiring the employees, to training the workforce, through implementation.  We exceeded all goals on our start-up curve."

Region VP of Manufacturing, food business