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Build Stronger Teams

Team Effectivenss

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Teamwork:  The Way Work Is Done Today

Teams dominate today's organizations. But not all teams are created equal. Just because people happen to work together in groups, or happen to call themselves a team, doesn't mean they actually work together effectively.

Creating Effective Teams Takes Time and Expertise

We understand what it takes for teams to achieve top performance.  Whether your organization needs to improve the performance of intact work teams, project teams, or virtual teams, we have a structured process that has proven effective in a variety of industries. 
We carefully assess the critical factors that affect team performance to identify what is preventing the team from reaching its potential -- and we devise and implement solutions to address those shortcomings.

Our consultants are experts when it comes to teams. They know what it takes to help teams to perform at a high level.  

Primary Solutions

Improve Performance
of Existing Teams 
It’s not always apparent what is holding a team back.  We
identify the factors that are affecting your teams and implement proven solutions to help all types of teams:  
  • C-suite teams
  • Intact work teams
  • Project teams
  • Virtual teams. 
Create a High- 
Performing Team
High-performing teams are different from traditional teams. 
  • Have a high degree of ownership in their own results
  •  Require a minimum of supervision
  • Take responsibility for their operations
 We help you:
  • Design the systems that high performing teams need to be successful
  • Implement a High Performing Team culture
Many senior executive teams operate as groups of functional leaders, not as cross-functional teams.  We guide the C-suite to improve their performance by working together more effectively as a team by creating:
  • Cross-functional accountabilities
  • Management routines that focus on execution of holistic organization goals
  • Rewards and incentive systems that emphasize organization goals in addition to functional objectives
Build effectiveness
of C-suite Teams

 Related Solutions

Strategic Facilitation
Your strategic offsites and retreats are great opportunities to align and develop your teams.   
  • We design sessions that have a clear purpose and deliverable outcomes
  • We facilitate events that engage, align, and energize 
Team Assessment 
and Team Coaching
  Our expert team consultants work with teams to improve their performance.  
  • Identify the factors affecting team performance
  • Address the issues
  • Help the team to  work together more effectively, solve problems more quickly, make decisions more rapidly, and accelerate its performance     
“Bob led the design and implementation of the entire people-related part of the start-up of a high performing greenfield plant, including design of org structure and creation of the teams...It was simply the best start-up in our company's history...  

Bob is a true expert on plant start-ups and in implementing high-performance teams."

Bernie O’Keefe, Chief Supply Chain Officer, consumer package goods

 Are your teams performing at their highest level?

If not, we can help

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