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Our Practice

Who We Are

The firm was created by a small group of Organization
Development specialists with extensive line management
and consulting backgrounds, who had a vision of creating a
small practice focused on improving performance by
focusing on the "people side" of organizations.  We believed
that we could add significant value to organizations by
laser-focusing on those factors which significantly
affect the capability of organizations to execute:
  • The performance of leaders, teams, and individuals
  • The strategy, structure, design, and culture of the
  • The management and execution of change

Our Approach 

Although anchored in strong academic foundations, our focus has always been to help develop practical solutions for our clients.  We roll up our sleeves and work with you to diagnose, evaluate, and generate solutions that are targeted to your unique issues and which will deliver measurable results. We don't bring in an "army" of consultants.  Rather, we utilize small teams of consultants who partner with the leadership of an organization to deliver the promised results.  We heavily involve key members of our client organization in defining the issues, designing the solutions, and implementing them. Our distinguishing expertise is being able to add real value from years of line management and consulting practice and through our depth of assessment and coaching experience.

Working With Us

We utilize only seasoned coaches and experienced consultants to provide organizations with the expertise and resources they need to improve their ability to execute.  ​Our practice serves primarily two distinct groups of constituents within our clients:

Suzanne and Bob retouched png file.png
HR Executives
 We augment your HR staff with expert consultants, freeing you and your team to execute without the cost of full-time senior-level staff.  We provide you with credible, certified Executive Coaches to help improve the capability of leaders at all levels to execute. 
Line and Staff
 We provide you with senior-level management consultants focused on solving your unique, complex organizational issues.  Our Executive Coaches work with you to help you realize your full potential.

Our History

O​ur firm has evolved over the years.  It was founded by Suzanne Otis in 2007, operating as ChangePraxis Consulting LLC, serving primarily the public sector.   Bob Morris joined in 2018, and we changed the name of the company to Salience Consulting LLC, to reflect our growing focus on execution in the private sector.  We continue to support both the public and private sectors across the globe from our offices in Washington, DC and Atlanta, Georgia.   

Call us today to explore how we might be able to help your organization improve its capability to execute.

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