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It's no secret:
Senior Executive Teams composed of talented executives play a key role in an organization's success. 
  • 90 percent of investors think the quality of the management team is the single most important non-financial factor when evaluating an IPO [1
  • 85% of business and HR leaders surveyed report that C-Suite  collaboration is important, or very important [2]
  • To be successful these teams must execute objectives that are shared across functions
  • They must achieve goals that require teamwork, cooperation, and collaboration
  • ​There is a 1.9 times increased likelihood of having above-median financial performance when the top team is working together toward a common vision [3] 
75% of those surveyed indicated that their C-Suite team members "rarely, if ever," work together on projects or initiatives" [4] 
Many senior teams are aligned towards management of individual functional objectives
  • 55% of executives surveyed indicated that "individual performance review" is the basis for performance rewards [5]
  • Only 28% report that their rewards are based on achieving "measurable team metrics." [6]
  • They do not have the necessary processes and systems to work as a team to deliver overall organizational objectives
  • They do not have clear roles and responsibilities so there can be confusion about "who owns what" and "who owns what decision"
C-suites are evolving to cross-functional teams. 
  • Functional units are organizing around teams, initiatives, and agile projects
  • Businesses are increasingly working in teams and in networks of teams
  • Cross-functional teams can often get work done more quickly and effectively than a silo-ed, top-down approach -- should C-suite teams be any different?

Benefits of Cross-functionally Aligned Senior Executive Teams

​​Cross-functionally aligned C-suite teams are better positioned to deliver results.
This happens through:
  • Execution of organization's strategic direction, which requires collaboration and cooperation across multiple functions to implement management of networks of teams throughout the organization
  • More effectively solving complex problems affecting multiple functions and disciplines
  • More rapidly responding to changing markets, technologies, competitors, and customer expectations
  • Providing products and services to customers as an integrated solution to create seamless customer experience
  • Driving accelerated innovation across multiple functions, enabling all organizational teams to learn together 


How We Help

We leverage your Senior Executives to operate as a cross-functional team.
Rather than behave as independent C-level functional experts, we help the CEO and Senior Team to work more effectively cross-functionally to deliver overall business results.  We do that by guiding the team to:
  • Work as a team of talented executives aligned to a common purpose

  • Establish clear accountability for cross-functional objectives

  • More effectively operate as a team of functional experts who lead their own functions, but who also collaborate with other functional leaders, work on teams that affect the enterprise’s strategic direction, and influence and inspire networks of teams throughout the organization [7}
  • Combine business unit and functional ownership with cross-functional teaming to run the organization
We guide the C-suite team to work differently to accomplish cross-functional common goals.
In order to achieve these outcomes, the C-suite team must fundamentally change the way it works -- from a functional orientation to a cross-functional one.  To make this happen, their management routines need to change, their work processes need to change, and their functional mindset needs to embrace working cross-functionally.  In some cases, the systems by which C-suite executives are appraised and compensated will also need to change. 
Our consultants are experienced in partnering closely with C-suite executives to provide a cross-functional framework and guide  them in learning to work differently.  We approach this work using a Holistic Methodology, and we bring to this important endeavor tools that we have developed over years of working with C-suite leaders:  New management routines, new work processes, and capability-building activity to better enable the group to work more effectively as a team.  This methodology will enable the senior executive team to focus more sharply on common objectives, work more collaboratively, and function more effectively as a cohesive team.  


Does your C-suite operate cross-functionally?  We can help.
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"I thought that the work you did this week with my team was excellent... Clarifying roles and responsibilities was valuable, as was the time we spent discussing the team assessment you conducted.  I'm confident that the new meeting cadence that we agreed to will be a big help."
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