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Executive Coaching

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​Coaching is an Important Investment

Coaching is an investment in an organization's leaders.  Like any investment, organizations want to be sure that their resources, both financial and human, are being effectively utilized.  A recent study of organizations that had utilized coaching indicated that their experience had been very positive:
  • 70% of individuals receiving coaching benefited from improved work performance, improved relationships and more effective communication skills [1]
  • 86% of companies feel that they recouped the investment they made in coaching [2]

Benefits of Coaching

Improve your performance as a leader.
As a leader, your performance is important to you.  Are you reaching your full potential? 
  • We believe that good leaders can become great leaders, and great leaders can inspire great performance in others. 
  • We design our coaching engagements to deliver tangible, measurable results that will help you to reach your full potential as a leader.   
Improve the performance of leaders in your organization.
As an HR Leader or Line Executive:
  • You are keenly aware of the need for great leaders in your organization. 
  • You understand that the challenges of today's environment require that you have leaders who can perform at a high level.  
  • You are aware of the need to develop your emerging leaders to provide a pipeline for the future. 
Executive Coaching can help you to develop the leaders you need to meet today's needs as well as the future. 

How We Help

Our Executive Coaching services can help leaders improve performance to reach their full potential.  We have a group of experienced, certified Executive Coaches who can provide a comprehensive suite of Executive Coaching services to help develop leaders at all levels.  
Maximize performance of leaders in current their current roles.
  • Gain greater insight and self-awareness from valuable 360 feedback
  • Understand areas of strength and developmental opportunities 
  • Create development plans that focus on the things that matter
  • Create ownership for self-improvement actions and monitor progress
Prepare leaders for future roles.
  • Gain deeper insights into leader's readiness for the requirements of the next levels
  • Identify development needs targeted at the competencies for future roles
  • Create development plans that map a concrete plan to be ready for the next level
  • Provide ongoing coaching to ensure progress 
Accelerate performance of leaders in new roles.
  • Quickly build relationships between the new leader and the team
  • Align on goals and expectations at the start
  • Understand the current state and challenges of the team 
  • Establish two-way communications between leader and team
  • Build ongoing trust

Our Coaching Approach​

Our coaches bring credibility that comes from having had management careers.
Our Coaches have held line management positions themselves.  They started their careers in front-line leader roles and rose to the executive level. Many have served at the C-level and some have served at the CEO level in organizations. They can quickly establish rapport and trust because they have walked in the shoes of the leaders that they coach. They speak their language and understand their objectives and concerns. They are also accomplished, capable, and certified coaches with advanced degrees and expertise in the use of psychometric assessment instruments.  For over ten years, they have been coaching managers and executives of private sector companies, non-profits, and government entities.
Assessments sharpen self awareness.  
Our experience has shown that the first step in improving one's performance is self-awareness.  So we use a variety of  validated psychometric assessment tools to help build a strong foundation of personal insight. Feedback from a variety of sources has long been seen as a valuable development tool when used in the right hands and for the right purpose. We utilize a proprietary 360-degree feedback instrument to work with leaders to bring a deeper understanding of strengths and opportunities for development that will have the largest impact on your performance. 
Our beliefs frame our approach
Based on our experience, we have come to believe:
  • To make any real progress, the person receiving the coaching has to want to be coached and has to take ownership for making improvement
  • Effective coaching requires a strong, trusting, supportive relationship
  • Self-improvement begins with self-awareness and a desire to improve
  • Coaching participants who take responsibility for monitoring their own progress, with the help of a coach, make incredible progress

Want to accelerate the performance of your leaders?  We can help.

[1] Sime, C.  "How Does Coaching Actually Help Leaders?" March 2019

[2] Sime, C.  "How Does Coaching Actually Help Leaders?" March 2019

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