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Improve Organization Effectiveness

Highly effective organizations have a dramatic impact on execution

Does your organization:
  • Flawlessly execute your business strategy or does it fall short?
  • Have an organization design that drives performance, or is it holding you back?
  • Effectively plan and execute change, or just react to it?

Organizational Effectiveness today requires:

  • Strategy Execution -- Because strategy without execution is just wishful thinking
  • Organization structure that is agile and responsive -- Because the right organization design drives  efficiency, engagement, and performance
  • Change Execution -- Because the future of your organization depends on it 

Primary Solutions

Strategy Execution
Having a winning Business Strategy is not enough.  We help organizations to:
  • Operationalize their strategy
  • Create a winning execution plan
  • Align leaders and implement the plan   
Organization Design
Redesigning organizations is no longer a rare occurrence yet over half of all reorganizations fail to be completed successfully.  We help to design and implement the right org design to:
  • Improve flexibility
  • Reduce cost and complexity
  • Increase speed of decision-making
  • Drive execution    
Change Execution
Managing change today is not optional yet most change initiatives fail. We help your organization to plan and execute change initiatives across a variety of challenging situations: 
  • Business transformation
  • Organization restructuring and reorganization
  • ERP and other large-scale software implementations
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Facility start-up or closure

 Related Solutions

Strategic Facilitation
Your strategic offsites and retreats are too important to leave to chance. 
  • We design sessions that have a clear purpose and deliverable outcomes
  • We facilitate events that engage, align, and energize 
Facility Start-up
The start-up of a new facility is a huge investment and can be a huge risk.  You have:
  • One chance to hire the right people
  • One chance to set up the right organization design
  • One chance to embed state-of-the art systems and processes. 
We help you get it right the first time.

We have the consulting experience, expertise, and solutions to help your organization execute flawlessly.  

"The Change Management work that Suzanne did helped our software implementation to go exceptionally well... the sessions she facilitated helped our managers to understand their roles... The process mapping helped our employees to understand what was changing and why...go-live went very smoothly..." 
VP of Administration, international development

We can help your organization execute at a higher level.  Schedule a Free Consultation to explore how. 

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