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Case Studies

We've helped organizations just like yours benefit by our experiences across a variety of industries. 

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We are proud to serve clients in both corporate and public sectors across the globe.  Our clients are unique but they share a common goal: improving the performance of their organizations by addressing the critical human element. 
We provide bilingual consultants skilled in working with diverse groups so as to ensure that the organization's goals are met.  
Click on your area of interest, or scroll down to view representative projects executed in various. practice areas.

Case Studies:  Develop Leaders

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Development of High Potential Leadership
Business Challenge:    
A multi-national pharmaceutical wanted to focus its development efforts on high potential leaders. 
Solution:  Working with CHRO, created a comprehensive development program targeted at the highest potential Director-and-above leaders in the organization.  Designed and implemented a development program that incorporated individual assessment, 360-degree feedback, and one-on-one executive coaching.   
Impact:  The first cohort consisted of a group of 18 leaders. At the end of the first year of the program, 88% (16) remained within the organization.  Feedback from the participants, and surveys of their managers, indicated that the program was helpful in improving their performance.   
Creation of Leadership Development Program for Front Line Leaders
Business Challenge:    
An international development organization needed to re-vamp its development program for its front line managers. 
Solution:  Working with internal resources, re-designed the content of the 5-day program to be more focused on interpersonal and team leadership skills program was in multiple sessions across various international locations.   
Impact:  The redesigned program was received very positively by participants. This program was adopted as the standard development program for front line leaders across the entire international organization.   
Businesswoman standing and leading busin
C-suite Cross-functional Capability Building
Business Challenge:    
A manufacturer of vitamins and supplements wanted to improve the capability of its senior executive team to work more effectively cross-functionally.
Solution:  Working with CEO and CHRO, assessed the team's current work processes, identifying issues limiting cross-functional teamwork.  Designed and implemented systems to improve accountability, instituted new work routines, and modified the incentive system to reward achieving cross-functional objectives rather than simply functional ones.    
Impact:  The CEO reported a dramatic improvement in cross-functional teamwork.  The increased accountability for specific cross-functional objectives resulted in less "siloed" behavior and increased focus on common organization objectives.   

Case Studies: Build Stronger Teams

Top view of mixed race business team sit
Improving Marketing and Merchandising Team Performance
Business Challenge:    
An eCommerce company wanted to improve the performance of its Marketing and Merchandising teams.   
Solution:  Assessed the current state of both teams, identified issues affecting performance and collaboration of each team.  Designed solutions to address issues, and conducted a series of joint work sessions to implement them.  
Impact:  Chief Marketing Officer reported a "significant" improvement in the teams' ability to resolve issues and improved dissemination of customer emails.   
New manufactured engines on assembly lin
Designing and implementing High Performing Team Culture in a Start-up
Business Challenge:    
A joint venture engine plant was to be started-up in Brazil.  The two manufacturers wanted to make it their most efficient plant and wanted it to be a plant with a high performing team culture.  
Solution:  Working with General Manager and team, created organization design for high performing team facility, including structure, systems, and processes.  Trained leaders and employees to work in high performing team culture and executed start-up of teams.   
Impact:  In year 1, the plant became the highest producing, best quality, lowest cost engine in either of the joint venture companies.  

Case Studies: Improve Organizational Effectiveness

Team of Food Researchers Examination of
Redesign and Reorganization of R&D Group.
Business Challenge:    
The new SVP R&D of a vitamin manufacturer needed to reduce the time for new product introductions while also reducing operating costs.  
Solution:  We conducted an analysis of the organization, including work assignments, staffing, workflow, org structure, and talent.  We made recommendations for redesign of the organization.  The new org design was adopted, and we led the implementation of the new structure.  
Impact:  Operating costs were reduced by 24%. New org design reduced management layers, improved first-pass quality of new products, and increased speed of new product introductions.
Big dump truck or Mining truck is mining
Execution of Strategic Plan
Business Challenge:    
A state-owned mining company in South America had just changed owners, and the new owners wanted to ensure that the objectives of the newly created Strategic Plan were achieved.  
Solution:  Working with the President and Executive Team, we conducted work sessions in which we analyzed the current state of the operation and identified gaps to achieving the new Strategic Objectives, We created an Execution Plan to bridge the gap between current performance and the desired Strategic Objectives  identified and guided the senior team through i
Impact:  The critical elements of the Execution Plan were completed, enabling the operation to meet 85% of its Strategic Objectives in the first year. 
Two Pharmaceutical Factory Workers Weari
Redesign and Restructure of Supply Chain Organization
Business Challenge::  The new Chief Supply Chain Officer of a nutraceutical company needed to improve productivity, service, and quality while also reducing costs.      
Solutions:  Working with CSCO, visited every manufacturing and distribution site, analyzed cost, performance, org structure and systems, and talent. Created new org structure for senior staff and their respective organizations, and guided implementation.  Initiated study of possible facility closures.    
Impact:   Reduced number of direct reports by 25% and reduced management layers in all departments.  Working in this org structure, continued to study plan closure needs and ultimately close 50% of the organization's facilities.
A portrait of an industrial man engineer
Change Management to Implement ERP Solution
Business Challenge:    
The Product Development group of a manufacturer needed to install a new software system to handle over 12000 SKU's.
Solution:  While leading the Change Management activity, worked with the software vendor and Product Development leadership, identified most important issues to address, and methods for solving them.  Effectively aligned senior management, communicated compelling business case, and heavily involved hourly operators in roll-out.  
Impact:  Workforce was aligned behind the change.  Resistance was addressed effectively.  Go-live was accomplished ahead of schedule with a high level of employee support and ownership.    
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