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Develop Leaders Who Inspire

Leaders are at the heart of your organization

They have a huge impact on how your organization performs because they work with those who are actually doing the work.

Developing leaders is not a luxury, it is a necessity

The numbers tell a compelling story:
  • When employees at all levels were asked what negatively impacts their performance most, poor leadership was the most often mentioned cause -- 32% [1]   
  • Employee retention is 20 times better at companies that focus on leadership development [2]
  • Investments in leadership improve execution, increase employee engagement, and increase productivity with less waste [3]
And yet, Leadership is a primary concern at many companies. 
  • 92% of companies surveyed cited leadership as a "major problem." 
  • 60% of those described the problem as "urgent." [4]     

Clearly, not all organizations are investing in their leaders, and not all Leadership Development programs are seen as effective.  

Our consultants and coaches bring credibility because they've been senior leaders themselves.

They have held senior line management positions -- so they quickly establish rapport and trust because they have "walked in the shoes" of the leaders that they coach.  Our coaches and consultants:
  • Speak the language and understand the challenges of leaders
  • Are accomplished, capable, and certified 
  • All have advanced degrees
  • Are experts in the use of psychometric assessment instruments
  • Have been coaching managers and executives for over fifteen years

Are you getting the most out of your Leadership Development programs?  We have a portfolio of proven solutions to build capability.

Primary Solutions

Executive Coaching
Our one-on-one coaching has been proven to accelerate development and performance of leaders:
  • Moving into new roles
  • Preparing for future roles
  • Those who benefit from 360 feedback
C-Suite Alignment
We help senior leaders to operate as an effective team:     
  • Create cross-functional accountabilities
  • Build collaboration and teamwork skills
  • Implement management routines that focus on execution of overall goals

For this first sentence, instead of there's still a need for, make it active: high quality leadership training does WHAT for leaders/companies?

 Related Solutions

Strategic Facilitation
Your strategic offsites and retreats are  great opportunities to develop your leaders.   
  • We design sessions that have a clear purpose and deliverable outcomes
  • We facilitate events that engage, align, and energize 
Leader Assessment
Assessments are an effective way for leaders to gain deeper self-awareness. 
  • Our coaches are experienced in using psychometric assessment tools
  • We couple assessments with ongoing coaching to sustain improvement   

[1] Walters, Robert, Whitepaper --"Developing High Performing Teams to Drive Business Performance and Engagement"
[2]  ‘"State of the American Workplace". Retrieved from Gallup
[3] Koenemann, K. (Nd) ‘The Leadership Impact on Financial Performance"
[4] Bersin, J. "New Research Shows Why Focus on Teams, Not Individual Leaders, Is Key to Business Performance." Forbes (March 3, 2016) 
"The program that you put together for our high potential VP's and Directors was seen as very successful...Participants said they liked your 360 compared to others they had used...They thought the ongoing coaching you provided helped them to stay "on track" with their development plans..."
Chief Human Resources Officer -- biotech

 Are your Leadership Development programs delivering the results your organization needs?  

If not, we can help

Schedule a free consultation.

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