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Better Leaders, Better Teams, Better Execution 

It's all about the execution

Organizations today are facing unprecedented competition and never-ending change -- they must perform to survive. 

This means that organizations need to be able to execute.  And to be able to execute, they need leaders who inspire, teams that deliver, and an organization that can excel in the face of change.  

Salience Consulting is singularly focused on helping our clients to build the capability to execute.  We are a management consultancy dedicated to developing stronger leaders, building better teams, and improving the effectiveness of organizations.   

We Improve the Capability of

Leaders, Teams, and Organizations to Execute.

We Focus on Three Critical Elements:


Great leaders inspire others to great performance.  We provide: 
  • Personalized one-to-one coaching for leaders moving to new roles or preparing for future roles 
  • Targeted assessments and customized leadership development programs
  • 360 degree feedback and coaching
Improve Organizational
To execute, an organization must be both capable and effective. We use a holistic approach to:   
  • Design and implement the optimal organization design to deliver the results you need
  • Create the capability to plan and execute change​
Develop Leaders
Who Inspire
Build Stronger
Teams dominate today's organizations -- but not all teams perform effectively.  We understand what it takes for teams to achieve top performance.  We help:
  • Improve performance of intact work teams, project teams, and virtual teams
  • Create High Performing team-based cultures 
  • Align C-suite teams to collaborate more effectively to deliver organization-wide results
No matter which challenges you face, we offer an approach that leverages our line-management experience, consulting expertise, and coaching depth to help your organization develop the capability to execute.

 Give us a call. Let's discuss the challenges you are facing and see if we can help.

Schedule a free consultation.

"Thanks for the consulting support and coaching that you have provided us...We have really improved our performance this year and are on track to achieve our strat plan objectives for this fiscal..."
CEO -- consumer package goods

Salience Consulting is proud and honored to have been selected as one of the Top 10 Organization Development Firms in 2020 by HR Tech Outlook 

Coaching Atlanta
Coaching Atlanta
For our loyal clients who have worked with us in the Public Sector as ChangePraxis Consulting, we have broadened our consulting offerings to include the Private Sector as well under our new brand Salience Consulting.  
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